Goal for Healthy U!

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Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon


Support & Incentives

Running Clinic

The Running Clinic is open to all CityU staff, students (full-time) and alumni to prepare them for the Standard Chartered Marathon.

Briefing by Coach

To tackle the challenge, to achieve a good result, we will provide you with some running tips Before You Go!!


To demonstrate the unity, all CityU Delegation runners will be given a Delegation uniform before the race.

Photo Taking

A CityU booth will be set up near the Finishing Area at Victoria Park to provide photo-taking service before and after the race.

Cheering Team

Each year, we have over 100 students, staff and alumni who cheer for the Delegation on the race day.

Trophy Presentation

Top 5 Delegation runners in each category will be invited to the Prize Presentation Ceremony.

Reunion and Prize Presentation

Due to the pandemic, the Reunion Dinner will not be held in 2021. But, the Reunion and Prize Presentation will be held on 4 December 2021.

Community Service

Community Service

To gain extra satisfaction by having the opportunity to serve the community.


Why CityU Delegation?
To promote CityU as a "Healthy University".
To encourage endurance running as one of the best exercises / trainings in enhancement of total well-being.
To strengthen unity among the CityU community.

Goal for Healthy U!

You can enrol CityU Delegation Hong Kong Marathon here. Besides, we also have Running Clinic and Briefing Seminar available for the CityU marathon runners.

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